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Teachers - Governor's Fiscal Fitness Award

What is the Governor's Fiscal Fitness Award? Governor Brownback is offering an award for students who successfully complete the post test offered on this website.

Who is Eligible? Any K-8 grade student that passes the Post-test offered on this website.

Is it confidental? Yes. We do not ask for the student's name, however, we do ask for some demographic information on the student to allow us to compile the aggregate test results. No individual or school results are ever displayed. All test results are maintained without names and in the aggregate. We only ask you to tell us a little about yourself and how much material you covered before you had your students take the test.

How does it work?

Step 1: Have your students complete as many of the courseware lessons as possible. Following up with the materials provided in your Teachers Guide will further reinforce the concepts taught in the couseware lessons.

Step 2: Go to the On-Line Testing page and complete the teacher-information before you have your students take the test.

Step 3: Have your students take the online test. When the student finishes the test, a results page will display. Have the student print out his page, or record the scores yourself if a printer is not available.

Step 4: Download and print certificates for the students that passed the test. Set the page setup to landscape mode for the certificate to print properly.

K-2 Award, 3-5 Award, or 6-8 Award